Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January 14th Photo

These two little Swedish ornaments always make me smile for some reason. I think we really should name them. Any ideas?


  1. Topper and Popper
    Don't know why...just do! LOL

  2. I was gonna come up with something Swedish for you, but Topper and Popper sounds perfect to me! Cute ornies!

  3. Let's hear what you got Donna!

  4. Well, these are "TOMTENISSAR"
    One Tomtenisse
    Two Tomenissar

    Tomte= Santa Claus
    Nisse= his little helper

    to make it easier, you could put a spacer in between the name: tomte-nisse (sounds like= tom-theh kneesseh)

    FYI: Nisse is a short for the name Nils, a common Swedish boys name.

    Topper and Popper it is! LOL

  5. LOL, I think it'll be easier to remember Topper and Popper but my FIL will enjoy the names you gave them. He's 100% Swedish. He can call them those when he comes to visit and I'll stick with T&P lol