Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 14th Photo - My Essentals

I am loving my new daytimer. I know, it's an odd time of year to buy one but I was inspired by Izzy's cute lime green one that helps her stay so organized and so I went on a search for one today and found this one. I added a few rubons and I've already begun filling it up. I still couldn't live without my Treo smart phone. I love the alarm feature and it keeps all my contacts organized. There's something about a tangaable list though. It feels good to cross things off! lol


  1. i love that you added rubons to your daytimer! true scrapbooker there!

  2. Mr. Lorri understands perfectly! He's a diehard Treo fan although he recently had to change to a Blackberry for work. And he still loves his Franklin Planner pages! He got a kick out of seeing your wonderful photo illustrating both ways of organizing!