Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2nd Photo

I love this shot of you and dad going over some strategies for your next soccer game!


  1. Love the intense talk - did they win the next game? We have an indoor varsity highschool game today at noon, soccer seems to be our life! :) Ryan is playing, but his twin brother had surgery this week to get rods out of his leg from a soccer injury last march - hopefully in 6 weeks he will be able to go play the second session of indoor soccer...

  2. They didn't win that day but Emily got her first goal today! 2 in fact!

    I can't believe Ryan's twin hurt his leg that badly! That's scary! I hope he's doing well. Can you leave me your link to your site again, I have to add it to my list, I thought I did, but it must not have worked. :)